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11.10pm now. still not picked up. @swiggy_in told me some delivery guy wrongly picked up my order, recreated the order by cancelling previoys order at 10.20 , reassigned another delivery guy, now blames restaurant for delay.

Waiting time 2.45 hours and counting

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Hey @swiggy_in where is my order ? It has been more than 1 hour after placing order and your customer care is not helpful

They changed the discussion into a consent request for "Replace/ Cancel" an order, which is not even picked up yet

Hey @swiggy_in where is my order ? It has been more than 1 hour after placing order and your customer care is not helpful

They changed the discussion into a consent request for Replace/ Cancen for an order not even picked up

Any graphic novel suggestion suitable for 10 yo kids. After completing Maus, Persepolis, Sapiens and Buddha series , now kids (both 10yo and 7yo) want more graphic novels . please help me with recommendations.

Is the right to encrypt, a part of the right to ?
Join Sidharth Luthra, @KartiPC @kiranychandra, @joncamfield, @ellanso & @MishiChoudhary as they try to decrypt the encryption debate in India & the world.

Amazon Launchpad is known for copying product ideas for amazon basics
RT @Reuters
Amazon copied products and rigged search results to promote its own brands in India, documents show @adityakalra @stecklow via @specialreports

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TLDR - Basically Its @BMGFIndia that is funding that is vaccine certificate module of . I am not even going into forced vaccination stories etc, but it is this money that is going into software which embeds Modi pic in every vaccine certificate. Respond @vijaygajera

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In 2021, @NandanNilekani 's @eGovFoundation got ~ $1M USD "to provide technical assistance to GoI to support the national COVID-19 vaccination program by streamlining the digital platform deployed".

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Chinese fraudsters operating on India are at next level now. An investment oppurtunities in "World Bank" projects with attractive return.

That @WorldBankIndia had to publish an advisory about fraud.

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Remember the mobikwik data breach which they denied actively, I filed an RTI with @RBI asking if they are aware of it and what action have they taken on it. RBI says they are still reviewing the security audit report submitted by mobikwik.

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Incidentally, the vulnerabilities of AePS are likely to extend to ONOR since ONOR is like a food-based version of AePS.

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Is the State capable of imagining solutions for any governance issue other than one of the following measures?

1. Link with Aadhaar.
2. Cut off the internet.
3. Download an app.
4. Put cctv cameras everywhere.

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The disappointing part of this story is how @chandrarsrikant usually ends up representing the establishment. No fact checking on false claims, and no corrections either.

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3 years ago today, the Supreme Court of India delivered its final judgment in the cases challenging the constitutionality of the /UID programme. Today, more than 500 citizens & orgs wrote to the ECI opposing a proposal to link voter ID with Aadhaar

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Now that they have done this, they should also ask NIC to move the court website from to something else maybe Let's have

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In 2020 after the terrible mass migration of workers the Centre famously said 'we have no data.' In June 2021 the SC pulled them up and now they've launched an 'e-shram portal'. But how does it work? This has been our experience, pls read (1/n)

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The joke repeats every time with @rssharma3. Co-win is not . If anything we in the FOSS community call it open washing.

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Yes, mandatory COVID vaccine passports would be unconstitutional.

Like how mandating people to save more than what they spend every month, irrespective of their earnings, would be unconstitutional.

Every broad thumb rule of prudence cannot be legislated into law.

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How do we counter hate speech even as we protect the right to freedom of expression...looking forward to discussing this with @anivar, @sijokuruvilla and @AshaJomis today!

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