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The Governmental Actor 's connection ?
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“I have the call records of everyone who makes calls from the nephew’s office. So beware. If you have the state government, then we have the central government in our hands,” Adhikari reportedly said in the video,.

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Ans: Social graphs, Call Records and Proximity Sensing.

Social graphs is via contact lists (Pegasus)
Call Records is via Pegasus + CMS
Proximity Sensing is via CMS.

With this, you have full view of their entire whisper network and women know how important this network is.

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Looks like the Indian government has been secretly attempting to surveil political opposition parties, journalists, activists, clerics, and labor unions.

Interesting coincidence that they've also been advocating legislation to weaken encryption lately!

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Follow @SFLCin who alongwith CPIL have sued the govt challenging the operation and execution of three projects namely CMS, NETRA and NATGRID, which collectively and separately seek to spy on the communication of citizens in India.

@pbhushan1 is the counsel.

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Before anyone demands a parliamentary probe into , ask for it to be public hearings. There is no point of a closed door committee that will say there was no surveillance.

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If ever there was an occasion for the Parliament to rise up and show it is not merely a shell, this is it.

Heads must roll.

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After spyware reports emerged on 31st October 2019. The parliamentary committee on IT summonsed whatsapp and officials of MHA, DoT. Almost two years after this, we still don't know what the committee discussed. Any parliamentary committee behind a closed door is useless

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Cost of 1 Pegasus license is ₹70 lakh. Acc. to 2016 data, NSO charges ₹9 crore for spying on 10 people.
More than 210 names have come out, incl 2019 sandal.
Conservatively, ₹2,000 crore has been spent.

India could have built 120 KV schools or 2 AIIMS or 500 PHCs

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Parliamentary committee on IT never produced a single prominent report on Net Neutrality, Aadhaar, Cambridge Analytica, Whatsapp Pegasus & related issues. I don't see the relevance of new hearings, unless they host public hearings which are live streamed.

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Centre informs the Rajya Sabha that "no deaths due to lack of oxygen has been specifically reported by the States/Union Territories".

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But few governments even have basic laws for such tools. As we fight for those, we also need others to step up.

One key sector cabable of restraining the industry are big tech companies: we need them to take action, and where they do we must support them

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What might these controls look like?

Here's our thoughts on the legal safeguards governments need to enact to comply with human rights law

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As concluded by the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression @UN_SPExperts, we need an immediate moratorium on its sales until controls are put in place.

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If this is how the tools of one company are being used, imagine the impact of the entire industry, consisting of hundreds of companies.

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Chronology samajhiye, we are told.

The Guardian gives a chronology.

"The selection of Indian numbers largely commenced around the time of Modi’s 2017 trip to Israel, the first visit to the country by an Indian prime minister"

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@UN_HRC @AgnesCallamard @cvoule @citizenlab @Ingleton @jsrailton @RonDeibert @Malinowski plus this

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what's the solution to an out-of-control industry? start with a global moratorium on sale/transfer & move toward this (from my report to @UN_HRC in 2019):

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Calling software that uses open source as open source software is something that people have been trying to push by releasing illegitimate reports on FOSS, etc.

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While Delhi journalists on the list have made news, one case of a journo-activist from Jharkhand is noteworthy. All three of his numbers feature on the list

He was arrested in 2019 and told NL that he was being framed by police

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