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The idea copied from Chinese pay day apps and Chinese made use of this , using the regulatory vaccum created by Ispirt and allies.

And Teethless SROs they created are ineffective .  Lobbying for enabling the use of aadhaar in digital lending was their major activity so far.

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Note the date -- 07 July2015 -- Making India Go Cashless India - Jan Samridhi Yojna program from iSpirt. Presented to PMO

The app based loans and flow based lending at heavy interest rate (daily or weekly compounding) is their idea

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This is not limited to . We are going to see similar invasions in Agri segment, Farm loans etc as well.

Ask why WhatsApp policy change mostly affect Indians - reason - WhatsApp pay gets Financial info including Real Names, now sharable with Facebook via UPI.

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Naming the culprit.

This Flow Based lending and opening up market for invasion is @Product_nation's effort starting in 2015. Its efforts also made regulators ineffective, setup namesake Self-regulating structure and built rails for easy compromise of user data .
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This is one story you will never wish to miss from @TheKenWeb. Thanks to team for keeping it free.

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If you are uninstalling @WhatsApp over issues - do look at how freely exchanges data across range of intermediaries when you use @GooglePayIndia @Paytm @PhonePe_ . This payments data doesn't even have E2EE which whatsapp has.

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Apart from all the Aadhaar-enabled exclusion from welfare programs, there's Aadhaar-enabled fraud through the AEPS. Short thread from just one block of Jharkhand.

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Here is a compilation of those who died of hunger, some of them didn't get their welfare benefits due to Aadhaar related failures of the state/tech

Also explore options like Matrix . (previously called as Riot) offers rooms.

If you are a big organization , you can self host or subscribe for a SaaS self hosted instance

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For those moving to Signal from WhatsApp ,

1. Make sure to set a PIN
2. Make sure to switch on Disappearing Messages for groups.

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Hey @RBI - while you were so obsessed with - did you forget to talk about credit data conviniently? These are 43 apps - that are using @alibaba_cloud to store backend data, in some cases including @UIDAI .

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Hey @Razorpay - These are few 'illegal' chinese that you seem to be powering ? Please check and assist @AddlCPCrimesHyd @chennaipolice_ @CPBlr in estimating the scale of money laundering / fraud involved?

Also please do check your due diligence process once?

Thread on SFLC petitions
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In May, @SFLCin
with @anivar
challenged in the Karnataka High Court, challenging its voluntary-mandatory imposition and invasion of privacy rights in the absence of specific legislation governing data collection and processing by it.

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Remember this 3 part story on of how funds were diverted to 'ghosts' USING ?

The 7th installment of has ~ 1 Crore less beneficiaries - which is an admission that has led to 2000 Crore scam in

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Written arguments and judgment(s) in the Central Vista case available here (scroll down to end):

Hopefully, putting the judgment alongside the arguments will help foster a more informed discussion on important Supreme Court rulings.

Any Surveillance tech even if it is developed with good intentions will endup as Policing Tech within an year

Hariprasad and Haripal JJ then end with the ringing declamation of the line that has been music to the ears of tyrants and authoritarians at all times and places.

@gautambhatia88 analyzes Kerala HC Judgement on UAPA case against Allan & Twaha

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Hi @RashmiBelur, you can’t add 32% and 41% to get 73%. Percentages don’t work that way 🤦🏻‍♂️

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