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"One year into the pandemic, it is clear that our fears were well-founded. In India, financial inclusion infrastructures have proven to be a tool for revenue capture rather than distribution."

Support @SFLCin , thread
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Institutional support has been really hard for @SFLCin as no FCRA approval after the publication of communications surveillance in India report that they released. Speaking truth to power whether cos or govt is hard. Individuals can really keep the fight going.

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Just read that Dr Devi Shetty is advising the govt to build children’s hospitals to address the third wave. There is no scientific reason why the third wave should hit kids. He should be telling the govt to vaccinate children instead!

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, said in an email to this newspaper: “I accepted this assignment with some hesitation, because I am a little sceptical of unilateral policy advice disconnected from wider deliberation. But hopefully, some consultation processes will evolve.”


Vaccination as leadership Marketing

Indians are forced to carry Prime Failure's image on vaccine certificate.

Now universities are also forced to carry same in their home pages.
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Compulsory gratitude works about as well as compulsory love.

EXCLUSIVE: UGC Asks Universities, IITs & Colleges to Put Up Banners Thanking PM on Day1 of 18 Above Vaccination thedialogue.co.in/article/DIga

Congrats @shailajateacher ! . World recognized you even though @cpimspeak missed their opportunity to utilize your leadership.

Even after 2+ days of this announcement & UNI reporting most Indian media houses yet to cover this news.


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Whereas only 3% of Africans have been vaccinated.

Everyone, everywhere has a right to be safe.

Support a twitter.com/SkyNews/status/140

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Latest Third World Economics | Issue No. 724 (1-15 Jun 2021). Text-based talks on IP waiver to begin
Download: twn.my/title2/twe/2021/724.pdf

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Also - He didn't "become" Revenue Secretary automatically.

Also, The Appointments Committee of Cabinet is now just 2 people and they approved


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Intermediary immunity is a statutory status that gets determined for every case.

Whether Twitter has substantially complied with the provisions of the Rules relevant to that case, is to be judicially determined for each case.

Not like this where you wake up one day & lose it! twitter.com/ANI/status/1405016

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@inhouseconomist and I write for the @TheWireScience on how and in online betting/#gambling platforms facilitate risky behaviours. Regulations direly needed from a consumer protection and public health lens. science.thewire.in/health/indi

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From Ramnath in , Hanuman became - Chhitendra Gupta, S/o Ramayan Gupta.

Guess few lakhs this one.

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Patanjali singed an MoU with Ministry of Agriculture to track 360 degree farmers data using farmer's registry. They plan to use AI, ML, IoT and they will build an app for farmers.

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[email protected] is having a press briefing on "What’s happening in India’s online space? Combatting an epidemic of censorship". Speakers include David Kaye (Ind. Chair of GNI, former UN Special Rapporteur of Freedom of Speech), Siddharth Varadarajan (Editor of Wire),

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all it took was one tweet. one tweet with no source and the dominos start to fall (pun intended). people are already tweeting “cowin hacked,” whereas no one has even seen shroud of the sample data as of yet

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