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📣 The consultation working group has determined that migrating our from to is the right decision!

Learn more about the decision and the process here: mediawiki.org/wiki/GitLab_cons

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Not an ounce of word on the file related to the app, communications bw private players and Ministry, file notings, etc. Nothing is being put on record apart from these unsigned press releases!

But yeah, go to their website & see "Why one should use @SetuAarogya"


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Unsigned white paper press releases is how you respond. You are just doing more damage. twitter.com/SetuAarogya/status

So now I have an answer to this issue raised in last May github.com/nic-delhi/AarogyaSe
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All those claims of anonymization of data before they are being shared are bullshit. There is no law/rules for the app, @Vidhi_India made a protocol that never got implemented.

Continuity guarantee
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Ankhi Das, the Facebook India executive at the center of a storm about hate speech and links to the ruling BJP, has resigned.

She has been replaced, temporarily, by Shivnath Thukral, who worked on behalf of the BJP in 2014 elections.

My story: time.com/5904162/ankhi-das-fac

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Since a lot of people are interested in how pm cares was able to obtain a gov.in domain. I got the files related to gov.in domain allocation policy under RTI. You can read them here.

MeiTY, NIC And NeGD Have No Information About Who And How Created Arogya Sethu App: CIC Summons CPIOs

"None of the CPIOs were able to explain anything regarding who created the App, where are the files, and the same is extremely preposterous" livelaw.in/top-stories/breakin

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Malayalam computing and its community of developers are worthy of a literary prize for contributions to the language @CMOKerala twitter.com/santhoshtr/status/

Important story in Health data sharing
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The emails accessed by The Caravan disclose deliberations behind key decisions such as granting PHRI the access to data, addressing the media and political scrutiny over the project, and reveals the massive financial investment into the project. bit.ly/3jBzrhi

Aadhaar for user registration is a new illegal trend I am observing in Various Kerala Govt's citizen service delivery websites. @itmission and @CMOKerala should stop this

The list so far includes

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I am trying to register AIMS site of Agriculture Department of Kerala for Apply New Scheme of Paddy Royalty. The site asking my Number and no other Options found. Is it Mandatory ?

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I am trying to register AIMS site of Agriculture Department of Kerala for Apply New Scheme of Paddy Royalty. The site asking my Number and no other Options found. Is it Mandatory ?

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We also note with concern that the text of this provision has not been made available on the official websites of the Govt of Kerala and neither has it been put towards any public consultation. This is deviating from the norm of transparency and pre-legislative consultation.

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The introduction of amended provision in question is concerning because of its similarity to the unconstitutional S.66A as the provisions suffers from a similar vice of being void for vagueness.

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Thus, we recommended that
1. Introduction of any such amendment be done with full and complete transparency.
2. A public consultation process be followed.
3. Move away from criminalisation of online speech except under certain circumstances as contained in the ICCPR.

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Janayugam News paper, the official daily of CPI , which is part of ruling left democratic front, wrote an editorial today pointing Concerns needs to be addressed prior to amendment


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Today @internetfreedom wrote a statement to Kerala Govt asking to reconsider the proposed amendment. Thread here


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Popular Malayalam Meme page ICU posted a statement opposing the move. They also said 120(O) in Kerala police act is also widely misused to take legal action against meme creators


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We have sent a representation to the Govt of Kerala highlighting the similarities between the proposed amendment to Kerala Police Act 2011 and the unconstitutional S.66A of the IT Act, 2000.


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