Accountability bypass repeating once again
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An RTI initially filed with @MoHFW_INDIA to seek info. on Co-WIN app, was transferred to @GoI_MeitY

Info. sought: people and govt dept involved in creation of app; Audit measures that exist to check for misuse of the personal data etc

Reply by @GoI_MeitY: No info. is available

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The mandatory is coming via @digilocker_ind. Also all of this happening without a in place.

The Standing Committee on IT this Thursday will seek evidence from @Facebook, @Twitter, & @GoI_MeitY on the subject of: “Safeguarding citizens’ rights & prevention of misuse of social/online news media platforms including special emphasis on women security in the digital space”.

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When you reverse the you will see wadh parameter is 'hardcoded'.So @MoHFW_INDIA is doing instead of plain authentication.This also is a mass bulk subsidy to @UIDAI which gets tax free money for each eKYC. MoHFW now has your data in & can create

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How do we know if any biometric authentication call is / ? From UIDAI's API documentation - 'wadh' parameter in PID block(where fingerprint is held) is the parameter that differentiates.

WADH should be empty for auth, filled for eKYC

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The app description says - Authentication is to ensure de-duplication.

If you have forgot Aadhaar lingo -
Authentication - gives only Yes / No response based on biometric / OTP / demographic input.
- A copy of your personal data in is shared to app

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The said policy mentions "Voluntary" use of Aadhaar for creation of Health ID. Assuming this is the privacy policy of the app and going by various other communication from @MoHFW_INDIA - Aadhaar is one of the ID and not the only ID for vaccination.

After a decade of fights around complex scripts and slow correction process now @unicode has a new problem.

Emoji's and their cultural appropriation for fanatic interests is the new ground. both Unicode and platforms need a rigorous check on Implementations. Thanks @neintara.
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In this feature for @logic_magazine I write about the cultural significance of the new temple emoji, how its form fits within revisionist methods …

I came across a UPI scam operating via @Facebook Ads.
An ad points to and that points to UPI app with a collect request for Rs 1999.

What is Facebook's process of allowing unsafe ads like this ?

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I have been the victim of a very serious phishing attack. I’m putting this statement out to set the record straight about what I’ve been through. I will not be addressing this issue any further on social media.

Kerala FM @drthomasisaac in today's Budget speech announced state will modify Kerala Money Lending Act to address issues created by in consultation with law department.

I wrote to FM on Jan 3 requesting this.

🤦‍♂️ @swiggy_in engineers forgot to check Swiggy Super membership status before coupon allocation.

And without aadhaar You can't create a user account in Edistrict Portal .
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Kerala Govt...
Online RTI application support from edistrict portal supports only few specific departments.


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Here's their much touted Transparency Report for India. How many apps do you see in the Requests/Removed?

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Udhaar Loan - went from 640k installs to 1.09M installs *after* we reported this and @GooglePlay 's delay meant the app base nearly doubled in the last month - before it was taken down

Reserve Bank constitutes a Working Group on digital lending including lending through online platforms and mobile apps.

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