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“History shows that when women’s rights advocates form alliances with conservatives over an issue such as pornography, prostitution, or temperance, they promote the conservatives anti feminist goals...” Nadine Strossen, Defending Pornography.

Hello @swiggy_in ,

Please optimize your search algorithm.
Showing Ghee roast while searching Beef Roast only helps in high bounce rate .

I understand both have "ee" and Roast, but ...

Nostalgia from my hometown.
Remembering the Hero pens bought and repaired from here during my school days.
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Thinking about how my hometown has a “Pen Hospital”.

Since @joshinaa and myself registered under both acts in 2010 , this brings back memories.

Prior to informing J's parents we faked a marriage reception card, did a photoshoot and registered in Karnataka under Hindu act stating that it was for visa purpose. Ie. a Pirate Marriage.
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Getting married?

Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act?

@penpencildraw illustrates!

Happy to see more voices identifying the problems
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The flip side of the proposed amendment in Kerala Police Act 118. Do read the take of Ex Law Secretary BG Harindranath.

Order here
We have uploaded the recent order of the Karnataka High Court stating that in the absence of a law State cannot deny services or benefits to citizens who do not have @SetuAarogya.


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Yes, 1.5 Crore 'demographic authentications' WITHOUT consent of UID holder. That's what @socialepfo rogues do without backing of any law. @UIDAI is complicit in this data loot. twitter.com/logic/status/13191

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Lovely to see this from @asdofindia & colleagues describing this platform for health heat maps for India stitching together diverse data sources

See healthheatmapindia.org/ & article link below:


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@covid19indiaorg @MoHFW_INDIA Here it is ; the link is on the screenshot.

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This news says Kerala Cabinet approved a police Act modifications addressing defamation via social media.

But where is the draft and public consultation @CMOKerala @cpimspeak

Any hurried effort for Speech law modifications will be bad.

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Such proportionality test, much wow Feat @TakshashilaInst

Why will recipient status of an individual be unknown if election ink is used?

Remember, Aadhaar is still the backend of NPR

Virus and Vaccines are opportunities for some interests

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From horse mouth

"Aadhaar is the Backend of NPR"
"Aadhaar is the Backend of NPR"
"Aadhaar is the Backend of NPR"

Remember this while protesting against


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4. Media ready with Full page articles , timing well with PIB release

"There are enough people who actually worked with me on Aadhaar in government, who are now at Secretary level, and perhaps they could be roped in for this.". - NN

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“It is basically bringing population scale approach that we used in to a new issue () which is, in fact, much more complicated.”

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Why @NandanNilekani commenting on Public health?

All he wants to do is marketing his "Killer application"(sic!) for health

Here is an initial 2009 Nov "UID and public health" document, which mentions Aadhaar(UID became aadhaar later) as "Killer application" for public health. twitter.com/sunetrac/status/13

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