An Interesting development on Kerala Elections

Few weeks back @chennithala spotted and raised an issue of multiple listings of same individuals in various booths or constituencies and complained to election commission . he also approached Kerala high court.

The election commission pointed an issue of address change requests in NVSP portal fails to flag original entry after new address is approved.

The system was working well earlier with CEO Kerala website. Issue started when voter list management moved to NVSP portal

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"One nation One Voter list" approach is one reason for the double listing.

Other reason I can see is increased purpose change of Voter list as most affordable ID & address proof after KYC change reduced the number of documents accepted for account opening.

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EC said they found 38,586 number of double voter listing in their submission in SC. Dissatisfied with this @chennithala today published a website named which contains lists of 434000 Double entries of same people across various booths or constituencies

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There is also ethical issues of using Face recognition as a parameter in voter list checks. It creates biased results. There are reported issues of listing Real Twins as fakes

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Spend some time to check the website and listing of Operation Twins. same people listed twice . X,Y is listed as Y, X as well. Data quality is poor.

In short the list is half of 434000. And this need to consider a 50% Margin at least for errors.

A realistic estimate is maximum 1-1.5 L potential double entries.

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