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If it is any indication of future to come, the world knows the Health Minister's Health ID. Sshh this is not a leak, no one can access his data until the main database itself will be breached twitter.com/drharshvardhan/sta

A timeline moment in Malayalam font histories
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Clarifying SMC's 15+ years of work in Rachana's 20 years of existence in the context of sustained misinformation. Further development of Rachana, Meera, Keraleeyam, Uroob and Meera Inimai fonts are on hold until the issues resolves amicably.

Every project name starting with "one nation" is grossly Anti-national, Anti-democratic and authoritarian.

Update on the @SetuAarogya petition by @anivar:

The ASG has sought more time to respond to the memo filed by petitioners. The matter has been listed for further hearing on 11th December. twitter.com/SFLCin/status/1326

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Sr Advocate Colin Gosalves files memo responding to queries raised by the court on functioning of the @SetuAarogya app

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Karnataka High Court begins hearing on petition challenging mandatory/voluntary use of Aarogya Setu app for accessing public services.


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ASG M B Nargund seeks time to respond to the memo filed by petn.
HC adjourns the matter for further hearing on Dec 11 at 12.45 pm.


"What released is client-side code loaded onto the app from a web address and not the server functions or the data-handling part. The back-end code, which handles the data, including the data schemas, has still been kept secret"
Quotes me


A film celebrates beef eating cultures (water buffalo is still beef for mallus) representing India as official entry itself equivalent to Oscar in current India . kudos Lijo Jose Pellissery & team.

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Some of the most popular Musk deepfakes are putting him into harmless, comical videos. Meanwhile, there are explicit, non-consensual deepfakes of women who are not celebs, who won't be included in this list of powerful people, that the tool won't help.


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A I know is building an EdTech startup. Bootstrapped currently. Revenues in. Profitable. Customers love his product. He thinks it is the right time to raise capital to scale. Approaches a marquee VC firm.

This is what happens: - In the founders words on whatsapp:

It is Official now
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Additional Advocate General submits that the Cabinet has decided to recommend to Governor to notify the withdrawal Ordinance introducing Section 118A of Kerala Police Act

We had asked CBSE for a copy of the privacy policy governing the facial recognition tool, but it has responded that “there is no such need of any privacy policy since it’s a simple face matching process.”

118A : Kerala Cabinet decided to approach Governor for Ordinance nullifying the Amendment.

In Today's HC hearing this happened.

Order via @PrasanthTweets

The stories by you, wonderful @rachnakhaira @gopalsathe and others + space to @nit_set and temporarily stopped and yet incomplete surveillance series of @Kum_Sambhav are the best gems so far. I hope stories won't be taken down, even though what I can see is a blank page

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Thank you @Amannama and team for opening up and expanding a stream of Public Interest Technology and Cyber Security reporting in Indian media.

In 2017 Sep we spoke while searching for media houses to report on Aadhaar SRDH. After you moved to Huff post, you built the domain.
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Today is @HuffPostIndia’s last day. Pound for pound, story for story, reporter for reporter, this is the greatest newsroom I have worked for; (and I…

This primarily takes away ability of indians to claim Ali express guarantee and dispute on 11.11 shipped items

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