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We all are using Credit Debit cards online on daily basis. Companies should take responsablity of users data strongly. there should be a data leak disclosure policy too.

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This happened 2nd time this year. Hacker claiming that he was having access in company's server since Jan 2021 to till today. They also posted some DB structures with sample. Hope someone will take responsablity for this breach. @RBI should investigate this issue.

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Again!! 11 Crore Indian Cardholder's Cards Data Including personal details & KYC soft copy(PAN, Aadhar etc) allegedly leaked from a company's Server in India. 6 TB KYC Data and 350GB compressed mysql dump.
@RBI @IndianCERT

Our analysis of the , 2021 where we chalk down the history of these rules, their consultation process, on-going litigation, & the possible challenges put forth by the notification of these rules including the challenges to & .

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This doesn't smell right. Section 69 clauses pertain to intermediaries only, afaik. I&B ministry cannot use it to block news.

Govt is going beyond what, it seems, the law allows it to do.

Looks like this is a hurried step to comply with Kerala HC order, before state election notification

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After tired with continuous spam from @NPCI_BHIM , today I deregistered my very first UPI handle . It was [email protected]

In Malayalam
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Happening now. @anivar from @smcproject is participating in this panel on of and in digital space, organized by RIGHTS.

With @mythriprasad , @ajaydalit, Arathy M R, K. Santhosh Kumar


Waiting for the Official release of new Information Technology (IntermediaryGuidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021

Now only press release is available .

not commenting based on leaked document

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Started with Map

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Does 'Aatmanirbhar' is a synonym of No consultation digital platform policy making ?

Check savethemap.in for how Indian Open Mapping community engaged with Map policies in past.

Why India's new digital Messiah's prevents such participation

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Multistakeholderism is changing into Aathmanirbhar of close door interests keeping public interests outside the process.

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Policy making without meaningful public consultation is becoming new normal in India

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Ravi Shankar Prasad can't use due diligence guidelines for enforcing traceability of originator. That's not a due diligence requirement.

Can't do proactive monitoring of social media content.

To his credit RSP has done public consultation. Javadekar has not.

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Javadekar has done no public consultation for regulating streaming services. A self regulatory code already exsits for streaming services.

Govt doesn't have the legal basis for streaming services regulation. They can't do online content regulation under IT act or cable& tv act.

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Going to wait for the final rules before I comment on them. The one thing that is worth looking at here is whether the government can make rules on something that it doesn't have the backing of a law to do.

This is going to court, folks. It should.

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Just going through the leaked IT Rules 2021, and for many aspects of these rules, there has been NO government consultation.

Still reading, and leaving this thought here: will the IT Cells of political parties survive these rules? I doubt it.

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🚨 Breaking: We are releasing a copy of the Draft IT (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, which seek to change the face of how digital media is governed in India.

Read our thread and analysis of the biggest concerns.

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