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Dr. R. S. Sharma, Chairman of Empowered Group on Vaccine Administration (Co-WIN), CEO National Health Authority is there just to give you a digital certificate and create a database. Can we now at-least get a real health professional as in-charge?

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They claim they are no longer asking for Aadhaar/mobile to give food at Indira canteens. But our Youth Congress team found otherwise. And documented it. We will continue to expose this government’s lies.

Forgot one point, before adding photo on certificate, make sure to implement free Vaccinations for all.

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Interesting. But avoid Cowin API integration.

I prefer to see Yedyurappa on vaccine certificate than the prime failure at Centre.

geographic limitation based on ID is not be a good idea, it excludes again. You need a online+ offine hybrid approach
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Meanwhile, Karnataka govt is designing its own vaccination registration website as alternate to CoWin. It will double up as information portal on availability. Stat…

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Meanwhile, Karnataka govt is designing its own vaccination registration website as alternate to CoWin. It will double up as information portal on availability. State govt website will also look to have geographical limitations so people get vaccines locally & not in other cities twitter.com/XpressBengaluru/st

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Notes on "worlds largest vaccination prog":
• Only 37.1 mil people been fully vaccinated for COVID in India (10 May '21)
• India plans to vaccinate all aged 18+. ie: 940 mil people
• For this, Indian gov provided vaccines only for first 90 mil people, ie, only for 9% of target

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India is officially scraping the barrel on COVID vaccines:
- vaxx being stopped for under 45's
- gap b/w 1st and 2nd dose being increased to 16 weeks
- those who got covid being told to take vaxx after 6 months
- no approvals/ imports of new vaccines
- sputnik data is in question twitter.com/AnooBhu/status/139

Automated threatening message after rejecting repeated IVR based data collection calls.

Sorry , I don't have time for this and I never opted in for any automated spam calls.

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Our meddling local MP Tejasvi Surya doesn't know what he's doing, predictably. He had announced that Nandan Nilekani was going to supply the "techies" mentioned here. thehindu.com/news/cities/banga

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So decides to give food in Indira canteens in delayed but welcome decision. They decide they want photo of beneficiary & also ID card if possible. This is an affront to dignity and exclusionary.

@BBMPCOMM pls give food, don't take photo don't make ID card compulsory. twitter.com/ArunDev1/status/13

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@vinaysreeni @BBMPCOMM @pushkarv @ArunDev1 @CPIMLKar @chitra_arien @s_karkala @India_Equality @cool_scootre @shaheenshasa For ₹60/person/d spent to provide food for those without income - thus hungry, our bureaucracy has to cook up such an indignifying method? No poor/hungry person will hoard food like some rich & influential folks hoarded oxy cylinders & hosp beds. Don’t trade dignity 4 food BBMP

Aadhaar & Mobile to get Food
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BBMP’s decision to provide free food for the poor at Indira canteen is good, but the implementation is problematic. Even though it is meant for people who can’t afford food, they have to provide a mobile number and Aadhar card to get the free food.

Since this is a rare opportunity to test Aarogya Setu -ICMR test positive marking integration, I filled relevant column in ICMR RTPCR form & used same phone. Aarogya Setu still says I am green.

Aarogya Setu is data gather service alone. it has nothing do with

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Ask simple questions. Who proposed cowin? Who built cowin? Who asked private sector participation in vaccination? Who is the bureaucrat implementing cowin? Why are techies pushing cowin onto the population? What is National Health ID? What is National Digital Health Mission?

Tested positive for COVID-19. @joshinaa is also positive.

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This graph shows the number of deaths/day due to in Kerala from the very beginning.

See how the trajectory is changing, we should not be complacent citing CFR, deaths should be compared with absolute numbers

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India is facing an epidemic of bad information. I wrote about it for the New Yorker. newyorker.com/news/dispatch/in

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