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Travel update.

Karnataka makes RTPCR mandatory for all inbound passengers from Kerala and Maharashtra.

Road, rail and air passengers to be checked.

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NDA govt scraping the bottom of it's propoganda barrel, re-upping discredited "savings" from DBT figures, when we know that much of the savings are actually exclusion of real people from their entitlements twitter.com/CNNnews18/status/1

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aka Card on File Tokenization - implementation by for several merchants - where is taken without providing *any* details, except saying "RBI Guidelines" and using the word "Secure" in misleading way 🧵

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I had thought this was struck down by the Supreme Court, right?

How is accessing a golf course a subsidy? What the hell is an automatic aadhaar access control system?

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I had some draft tweets about why VCs and startup founders are so enthusiastic about the financial engineering that’s been unleashed by web3/crypto but @smdiehl beat me to it.

Tokens basically allow projects to IPO without any regulatory steps. It’s ICOs rebranded as web tech.

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It’s been startling to dig into web3 to find its just crypto where the focus has gone from making your own currency without regulation to selling your own stocks without regulation.

It’s the future of VCs & Wall Street financialization not the future of the world wide web.

Summary of Swiggy Super Binge -> Swiggy One membership.
@swiggy_in secretly increased SwiggyOne Minimum Order Value from 149 to 199 , Reduced Free Delivery to 5km only, taken down Buy one Get down offer

I lost ₹48 on delivery today morning, without noticing the sudden change

Summary of Swiggy Super Binge -> Swiggy One membership.
@swiggy_in secretly increased SwiggyOne Minimum Order Value from 149 to 199 , Reduced Free Delivery to 5km only, taken down Buy one Get down offer

I lost ₹48 ondelivery today morning, without noticing the sudden change

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Transparency is a must for any publicly funded research which may result in the development of policy and legislation with far-reaching effects on the general public. FRT is one such area, however Niti Aayog's failure to provide transparency signals a worrying trend.

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Heard about NITI Aayog’s proposed study on Responsible AI incl. facial recognition? We filed an RTI request to obtain more information regarding the study and vendor selection process. However, the response received lacks in transparency. Know more ⬇️


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How will contribute meaningfully to the global Internet Governance community if we won't have issues that matter to the IG community? Everyone is looking towards to provide leadership as a 4th pillar in this fracturing: U.S., Europe, Authoritarian regimes and India

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India is holding an after several years @AshwiniVaishnaw @Rajeev_GoI Sessions seem to cover ICT issues and not Internet Governance matters. Was multi-stakeholderism followed in designing these?

How do these create any link to the Regional and Global IGF?

Looks like a Govt event than Multi stakeholder platform
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The GoI is all set to host its first-ever Internet Governance Forum, and NIXI is driving a key force in the mission.

Visit indiaigf.in to know more.


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Facts are as under.

1. 2017 saw a huge leap due to RJIO entry.

2. 2018-2020 saw hardly any growth.

3. Bharti hardly too any subs in 2019 & 2020.

4. Total subs market diminished in 2020.

5. 2021 saw equal growth by both RJIO & Bharti

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Indian Telecom Subs Trends (Yearly)

With TRAI publishing the latest subs data for the month of Sept 21, I thought it will be a good idea to analyze the yearly trends on who contributed to this growth.

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Pre-Legislative Consultation Policy 2014 mandates departments to proactively publish proposed legislation in the public domain and solicit comments and inputs for a minimum period of thirty days. We have analysed the PLCP compliance of the bills listed for the winter session.

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No consultation before introduction in the Parliament - 17 bills

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Madras High Court : Considering the linguistic diversity amongst the people of the country, it would be more appropriate if efforts are taken to ensure that draft legislations, like the present one, are circulated in all the official languages across the country

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Blockchain is best understood in geopolitical frame. Internet is now a sovereign country, now able to give its residents property rights using blockchain and people are immigrating to it. Doesn't have an army yet. Nation states need to decide if they want to be allies or enemies.

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